[distcc] write .o files on Tru64 4.0

Gregoire Banderet gregoire.banderet at nagra.com
Wed Apr 14 06:51:41 GMT 2004

Martin Pool wrote:
> On  1 Apr 2004, Gregoire Banderet <gregoire.banderet at nagra.com> wrote:
>>I've compiled the latest version of distcc on Tru64.
>>When I use it, all distccd compile my cpp files (I see that they spend 
>>time) , but they fail to send the result to my localhost.
> What compiler are you using?

C++ V6.2-024 for Digital UNIX V4.0G (Rev. 1530)
and I also tried Compaq C++ V6.3-012 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885)

>>distccd[15531] forking to execute: cxx -O4 -ptr 
>>./RELEASE-ORA8-SEP1.8.0-D4.0G/cxx_repository -c -o /tmp/distccd_573929dd.o 
> Can you run it again and have a look on the server to see what was
> written to the compiler output file.  (In this case,
> /tmp/distccd_54ea29dd.o.)  Does it exist?  Is it empty?

It exists and it is empty. But as it is removed quickly after the end of the compilation,
I am not sure that it was always empty (just before the removal).

Is there any special param to say "do not delete tmp files" ?

But I saw that the .ii file is empty too. Its size is greater than 0 just before to be removed.
Is it OK?

> What happens when you run this by hand?  Does -c -o work with your
> compiler?


>>Can someone help me?
>>Does someone has binaries for Tru64 4.0 ?
> You can get binaries from thewrittenword.com, but I think your problem
> here is with the compiler, not with building distcc.

I do not see distcc in the package list


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