[distcc] Re: problem solved(sorta)

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Sun Sep 28 03:19:56 GMT 2003

On 27 Sep 2003, Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> Okay- I did the strace/wizard flag, and I finally got something out of it.
> It was permanently stuck in a loop trying to create temp files in 
> /root/tmp with escalating filenames... which of course since it was 
> dropping to the user 'distccd' it couldn't do.

OK, thanks for reporting this.

Was there really no log message at all?  Not even a 'daemon starting'
or 'accepted connection' message?

> So I see two problems- the first, either I misread directions and 
> misinstalled, or the directions are wrong and I followed them 
> correctly, or they're right, I'm right, and distccd should be looking 
> for ~(user I'm running as)/tmp, not ~(user that started me)/tmp.

You do need to start it with a TMPDIR that it is able to write to.

> Problem #2- a)failure to write a temp file should be logged b)and 
> probably fatal and c)not cause a loop :-)

It is not quite that simple because failure to create any one file is
an expected and unimportant condition.  Looping is bad obviously.


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