[distcc] How to try to use other compiler than gcc?

Nagatomo Tamio nagatomott at ybb.ne.jp
Fri Sep 19 08:40:35 GMT 2003


I am very interested in "distcc". It is great idea.
(If we use Rational's ClearCase, we can do this, but
it is too expensive!)
I am using modified compiler to make the object work with
micro comuter for Audio Visual equipment.

It was written on the distcc's Web Page,
"distcc is not itself a compiler, but rather a front-end
to the GNU C/C++ compiler (gcc). (There is preliminary
support for some other compilers but the main focus is
gcc.) Almost all gcc options and features work as normal.

Isn't distcc just a wrapper which realize distribute
build? If so, we could set some option and could change
compiler from gcc to favorite compiler.

I expect this is not supported, but I want to know how to
try this.

Best regards,

Tamio Nagatomo, Japan

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