[distcc] Yet another compile failure

Ajay Agrawalla aagrawalla at hyperchip.com
Mon Sep 15 19:26:22 GMT 2003

For gcc incompatibility problems.. 

I was thinking like adding a compiler pree-qulification phase where the
master builder would provide the compile requirements and the slave builder
would present their credientials ( like gcc version etc etc ) and qualify to
be part of the build process...

This may be adding a lot of overhead to the build process if we this process
is done every time a job is dispatched.. but we can think about something
like a leasing approach..

Just a thought.  Tryimg to make distcc the best..


Martin Pool wrote:
> These look a little like you have incompatible versions of gcc
> installed somewhere. Could you make sure that's not the case?
> -- mbp
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