[distcc] Corrupted object files when using ccache + distcc

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sun Aug 24 07:19:16 GMT 2003

On 24 Aug 2003, Gavrie Philipson <gavrie at disksites.com> wrote:

> > Does it work if you use a ccache on some other filesystem?
> I just tried it with a local filesystem, and it indeed works perfectly.
> However, since the cache is supposed to be shared by several machines,
> it must reside on an NFS filesystem. Doesn't ccache support an
> NFS-mounted cache directory? I couldn't find anything in the docs about
> that...

Yes, it ought to work.  I was just asking to try to narrow the problem
down.  Let me see if I can work out what's going wrong.


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