[distcc] Problems with distcc

Marcelo Matus mmatus at dinha.acms.arizona.edu
Tue Aug 5 00:58:01 GMT 2003


make -j16 MAKE="make -j16" CC="distcc World"


Anton wrote:

>I am trying to compile XFree86 (XDirectFB actually) with distcc.  I am
>running Debian woody stable on i386.  I built distcc from source on my
>machine, as well as on the remote hosts (which are the same version of
>Debian).  I have 8 hosts in my ~/.distcc/hosts file.  The make command
>line is: "make -j16 CC=distcc World".  I have two issues:
>1. distcc uses only the first host from the hosts file.  Sample output of
> 13275  Compile     XEConTxt.c                                     localhost
>Besides localhost, other hosts are accessed with ssh.  Here is a sample
>If I remove localhost from the first position in the hosts file, distcc is
>able to use the first remove hosts without problems.  I tried both space
>and newline as separators in the file.
>2.  make runs C++ jobs with 'c++' command that distcc does not pick up.
>What do I need to do to make C++ jobs fall under distcc?
>Any suggestions? Thanks.
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