[distcc] distcc monitors

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Jul 28 01:21:27 GMT 2003

On 27 Jul 2003, Frerich Raabe <frerich.raabe at gmx.de> wrote:

> on this rather slow sunday I was pondering writing a KDE-based monitor for 
> distcc, but then I realized that I'm not quite sure what such a monitor 
> should display.

> IMHO a graphical monitor should add a real additional value, maybe by drawing 
> graphs or such, it should not simply be a X version of the textmode
> monitor. 

I agree.

> I looked at the GtK monitor but I must say I'm not terribly impressed by it, 
> as far as I can tell it displays exactly the same information as the textmode 
> client. The only difference is that I get sortable columns in the table, and 
> I don't have to start an xterm to start the monitor.

Yes, that's true.  I just did it in the hope of provoking KDE people
into writing something better. :-)

> Now, how about a little brainstorming on this list about what a distcc monitor 
> should display? I was thinking, maybe a hit ratio or so would be interesting 
> (percentages how much of a project was built on each of the boxes), so that 
> one can possibly optimize the DISTCC_HOSTS line (hosts mentioned earlier are 
> preferred) or such.

It might be nice to write it in such a way that it can be "swallowed"
into a larger application like KDevelop, Anjuta, ccontrol, etc.  I
don't really know how that would be done.

It would be nice if we could show information about all jobs and hosts
on the network, not just ones started by the current user.  I have
been a bit stumped on how to do that securely.

In the long term a Gantt-like chart as used in Incredibuild would be


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