[distcc] DistCC and Kdevelop

Frédéric Forjan forjan at essi.fr
Fri Jul 18 09:38:17 GMT 2003

Hi Everybody !!

I send this email to announce a plugin for Kdevelop3.0 ak gideon.
It's provide a monitor for Distcc.

One url : http://fforjan.free.fr/File/kdevdistcc.tgz

This is my first plugin to gideon so it might have something wrong but 
it works...

For now, you should have distcc source install and already compile. you 
must export ROOT directory of distcc source before execute make : yes no 
detection from ./configure because distcc don't provide librairie yet.

Summary :
Install distcc (2.8 minimum...) and compile the source.
Download the .tgz
export DISTCC=$(HOME)/cvs/distcc  -and other option you need...
make install

Run gideon and look the Distcc monitor...

Forjan Frédéric.

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