[distcc] distcc 2.7.1 is out

Blayer-Gat Alon Alon_Blayer-gat at icomverse.com
Wed Jun 25 08:25:23 GMT 2003

Although I downloaded/compiled and worked with distcc, the thing that
prevents me from taking the next step into production (for the rest of our
R&D ) is the -g issue.

Since a single excutable is statically compiled with many libraries which
are located in different places, we must have the -g option working
We must be able, as before, to see code of a trace and the flow from
different libraries. 


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distcc 2.7.1 is out.  This is just a portability fix, to allow

building the monitor program with GTK+ only and on BSD or Cygwin.

This doesn't address the Gentoo issues yet because I'm not sure of a

really satisfactory way to handle it.  The issue Dimitri reported is

also not yet fixed.




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