[distcc] Monitor programs do not work with Portage/Gentoo Linux

Paul_Donovan at scee.net Paul_Donovan at scee.net
Mon Jun 23 10:00:32 GMT 2003

Martin wrote:
>> > Maybe the state files should be stored in ~/.distcc or /var/run/distcc
>> > instead?
>> That's what I was thinking -- somewhere that doesn't depend on a
>> variable that may change unexpectedly.
>OK, this is done in CVS.  Would you be able to test it in the next day
>or two before the release?

This change initially worried me, but looking at your changes I think I can
work around it :-) The problem I have is that I'm planning to give distcc
to the rest of the studio here, and we all use Win2k with a bastardised
version of Cygwin. It's not a full install, so most people don't have a
true 'home' directory in the UNIX sense of the word. I think I'll be OK
making them set a HOME environment variable in Windows. Unfortunately I
can't access CVS through our firewall to test it.

I'm know I'm in the minority here, but I just wanted to point out that not
everyone has a full UNIX environment to work in so try not to assume it :-)
I've had enough battles getting distcc working under Win2k with a version
of gcc that only understands DOS paths - I don't need any more hassle ;-)

Thanks for all the work you guys have done so far,


Paul Donovan
Senior Programmer
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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