[distcc] ncpus returns 0

Sean MacLennan seanm at seanm.ca
Thu Jun 12 04:04:57 GMT 2003

Martin Pool writes:
 > What kernel version is this, by the way?   Does that ever work on ARM?

I am running 2.4.19-rmk6-nw1. I also tried it on good'ol 2.2.16-sam1.

I looked up the sysconf call and it is implemented in glibc. For
Linux, the call just opens /proc/cpuinfo and counts the number of
lines starting with "processor". However, below is the output from
/proc/cpuinfo on the 'Winder:

  Processor       : StrongARM-110 rev 3 (v4l)
  BogoMIPS        : 185.95
  Features        : swp half 26bit fastmult

  Hardware        : Rebel-NetWinder
  Revision        : 59ff
  Serial          : 0000000000000ad8

processor vs Processor. Close, but no cigar. A strncasecmp would solve
this problem.

Since the /proc/cpuinfo information is generated in
arch/arm/kernel/setup.c, I would expect all ARM based systems to have
this problem.


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