[distcc] newbie: problem with distcc and intel C++ 7.1: 0byteobject

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Jun 11 22:16:45 GMT 2003

On 11 Jun 2003, Markus Werle <numerical.simulation at web.de> wrote:
> Markus Werle wrote:
> My impression is that there is a bad interaction with
> the GNU autottools trying to generate the dependencies.
> Solution: define CPP during configuration:
> configure CPP=icpc CXX="distcc icpc" CPPFLAGS="-xc++" CXXFLAGS="-g etc.

That makes sense -- autoconf probably thought that your preprocessor
was gcc, so it tried to add gcc-specific flags.
> Now it seems to work with one exception:
> make -j 8 runs for a while and then decides to bail out
> with a make error. Of course I have to set the server, but
> the error message does not indicate this.

Could you post the error message please?

By "set the server" do you mean setting DISTCC_HOSTS?  If so then it
ought to fall back to running locally, except that you'll get some

> using
> /opt/distcc-2.5.1/bin/distccd -p4600 --verbose --no-detach -j 8
> has no effect on the number of processes: there are still max = 4
> processes on the server which run at the same time

As well as the server-imposed limit, there is also a client-side limit
on the number of jobs sent to a particular server, which defaults to

You can change this in the host specification

  export DISTCC_HOSTS=titanic/16

Thanks for helping to work this out.

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