[distcc] newbie: problem with distcc and intel C++ 7.1: 0byteobject

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Jun 11 09:13:14 GMT 2003

On 10 Jun 2003, Markus Werle <numerical.simulation at web.de> wrote:
> Markus Werle wrote:
> > So we have:
> > - a perfect Intel compiler with a nice interface
> > - stupid, buggy GNU autotools
> Ashes on my head!
> This errror was fixed in automake-1.75!

> So let me summarize:
> If You use GNU-autotools, it suffices to
> use the latest version of all packages and
> call configure using
> configure  CXX="distcc icc" CPPFLAGS="-xc++"

Wouldn't CFLAGS be better?
> Then distcc should work, but (sniff):
> There is a spurious error when distcc goes to the remote host:
> The preprocessor seesm to include things that are not eaten by the compiler:
> This looks like the dependencies of my file.
> Is there a way to ask distcc to not delete the *.ii files?


on both the client and server.


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