[distcc] distcc 2.5 is out

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue May 27 09:31:01 GMT 2003

The main change is the server now uses a 'preforking' model (kind of
like Apache), which reduces server-side CPU overhead to about 1-2% of
the cost of the compiler.  

Thanks to everyone who sent bug reports, patches or suggestions.  Let
me know how it goes.

distcc-2.5  "give them heaps"  2003-05-27


    * The standalone daemon now "preforks" before accepting
      connections to reduce per-request overhead.  Can be disabled by
      --no-prefork, which restores the standard Unix behaviour.

    * Restrict the number of jobs accepted onto the server at any
      time.  By default this is determined automatically depending on
      the number of CPUs on the server, but it can be set using the
      --jobs, -j option.  Replaces never-used --concurrent, -n

    * When the daemon is terminated, the entire process group is shut
      down, including any compilations in progress.

    * Load limits on TCP hosts can now be specified in the more
      consistent form of "HOST:PORT/MUL" rather than "HOST/MUL:PORT".
      The old form is still supported.

    * Better error message for "bind failed".

    * Better "listening on" message at startup.

    * More meaningful reporting of transmission and compilation times
      in logs.


    * Fix bug that caused some messages to go to the 'user' syslog
      facility rather than 'daemon' as presently.

    * Fix problem with terminating the daemon when running under


    * Refactor daemon loop.

    * Server-side temporary object files are called .o, not .out.
      Suggestion from rishikesh shetty.

    * Temporary directory name changed to decimal userid, rather than
      hexadecimal userid.  Easier to recognize.

    * Daemon changes into state directory at startup.

    * SSH child is collected and checked when the connection is


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