[distcc] Protocol derailment

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue May 27 01:49:26 GMT 2003

On 26 May 2003, Linc Davis <ld-temp-hls0 at pobox.com> wrote:
> OS: MacOS 10.2.6
> distcc version: 2.4.1
> gcc version: 3.1
> make version: 3.79
> Above applies to both client and server.

Thanks very much for the clear report.

> distcc[1641] (dcc_send_job) client finished sending request to server
> distcc[1641] (dcc_r_token_int) ERROR: protocol derailment: expected 
> token "DONE"
> distcc[1641] (dcc_explain_mismatch) ERROR: error context: "*** 
> malloc[1027]: Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0xa00062b0; This 
> could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an 
> allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHel"

This is caused by a bug in 2.4.1 which is fixed in 2.4.2.  Please
upgrade your servers.

Download either of these:



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