[distcc] Re: gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as'

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Tue May 13 19:28:31 GMT 2003

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Dimitri PAPADOPOULOS-ORFANOS wrote:

> There are two 'cc' programs in this PATH. The first one is in '/usr/bin' 
> and the second one is in '/usr/local/bin'. It seems something's going 
> wrong with path trimming in such a configuration. The PATH shouldn't be 
> trimmed because the first 'cc' encountered in the PATH is correct, so 
> the second 'cc' encountered in the PATH has no effect.
> Please find attached a patch that fixes this problem by replacing 
> 'continue' by 'break' in some cases.

I see you having a lot of trouble, and I'm wondering. Why don't you just 
stick to packages ? You can find working packages at:


You only have to install the packages, enable distccd (sysv) in setup, add 
the build-server to hosts.allow ( is the default) and start 
distccd. And you will be able to use the cluster to build stuff for RH62, 
RH73, RH80 and RH9.

Make sure to use the proper C-compiler by using 

No messing around with PATH or with incompatible C-compilers.

I've had some problems before with mixing older distcc and distcc-2.1, 
moving everything to distcc 2.2 and the distcc-compilers package solved 
most of them. (I still need to investigate the other cases though)

Kind regards,
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