[distcc] Re: Distcc & GDB (fix)

Alexandre Oliva oliva at lsd.ic.unicamp.br
Fri May 9 23:11:33 GMT 2003

On May  9, 2003, Thomas Walker <Thomas.Walker at morganstanley.com> wrote:

> Alexandre, you had mentioned that you had, at some point, passed a patch
> to fix this behaviour (I'm assuming it caused cpp to always include the
> full path to source in the .i files, which makes sense because cpp is
> the only part of the compiler that is guarenteed to actually know where
> they are) but that the preprocessor guys had been reluctant to include
> it (or admit it as a bug).  Do you happen to still have a copy of this
> patch lying around?

Here it is.  At some point around the dates in the diff, it even
worked :-)

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> I recently brought the issue to the attention of
> our Enterprise Support rep at Redhat and he seemed to think that he
> could help with getting the patch pushed through (it helps being a
> really big client I guess :)

'fraid there's not much the rep can do, other than getting the patch
included in the GCC that Red Hat ships to you, but in general we try
to minimize divergence from the FSF-released GCC.

The thing is that the maintainers of the preprocessor in GCC for the
FSF, none of which are Red Hat associates, don't agree that the
current behavior is wrong.  And, even if they were Red Hat associates,
their judgment on whether a patch is appropriate for FSF GCC shouldn't
be affected by this, since maintainers of FSF projects, while wearing
their maintainer hats, are working for the FSF, not for whatever
company happens to employ them.  Even if the maintainer hats happen to
be red :-) :-)

Of course, anyone may be willing to support a toolchain with a custom
patch, and your Red Hat rep might end up finding that this could be a
solution to solve your problem.  But it's far beyond Red Hat's powers
to force any patch into GCC or any other FSF project, no matter how
important the feature is for Red Hat's customers.

If you'd like to get me involved in this issue, please send me (in
private, to aoliva at redhat.com) the enterprise support request number,
and the e-mail address of your rep, and I'll figure out how to get

Thank you,

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