[distcc] apt-0.5.5cnc4.1 + distcc-2.0.1 = error on build

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Apr 9 01:45:02 GMT 2003

On  6 Apr 2003, Bob Tanner <tanner at real-time.com> wrote:
> Trying to compile apt-0.5.5cnc4.1 using distcc and I get the following error:
> Compiling contrib/fileutl.cc to 
> /var/tmp/apt-0.5.5cnc4.1/obj/apt-pkg/fileutl.opic sed: can't read 
> /var/tmp/apt-0.5.5cnc4.1/obj/apt-pkg/crc-16.d: No such file or directory
>                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 		                   The above varies, from run to run.

This probably indicates some kind of problem with missing dependencies
in the Makefile, or perhaps a distcc problem with -MD.  


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