[distcc] distccd idea

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sat Apr 5 03:37:43 GMT 2003

On  4 Apr 2003, Caleb Tennis <caleb at aei-tech.com> wrote:

> Thanks for distcc, it works great!  I have a scenario, and an idea for your 
> comments:

Hi Caleb, and thankyou for the feedback.

> This way, from a central development computer, I can leave my 
> DISTCC_HOSTS="localhost machine1 machine2 machine3..." and let the remote 
> computers decide whether they want to accept jobs or not.
> Would something like this be acceptable?  Perhaps this can be accomplished by 
> a temporary file using a 1/0, or by sending a signal to distccd, or some 
> other method you like.

I suggest you just terminate the daemon when it's not wanted, and
restart it when the machine is free.  This should work fine -- any
jobs in progress when the daemon is killed will complete properly over
the next couple of seconds.

In the current release the client falls back to local processing if a
remote machine is down, and it logs a warning message.  That behaviour
can be improved a bit in future releases but even at the moment it
should do reasonably well.

I think in the future the client might change in these ways

 - when a server is not working, back off from using it for say 30

 - if a server is down, try compiling on a different remote machine
   rather than going straight to localhost


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