[distcc] ERROR: mismatch on token DONE

Enno Rehling ennor at funcom.com
Thu Apr 3 07:12:32 GMT 2003

Martin Pool wrote:
> On  2 Apr 2003, Enno Rehling <ennor at funcom.com> wrote:
>>Here's my problem:
> Thanks for reporting this.  I don't think this is a know problem.  I
> need a bit more information to isolate it.
> 1.1 is a bit old.  Would you mind please upgrading to 2.0.1 and seeing
> if it is still reproducible?


thanks for the prompt reply. I'm running debian testing, on the latest 
kernel-image, with a PII/300. Here's my uname -a output:
Linux conan 2.4.20-686 #1 Mon Jan 13 22:22:30 EST 2003 i686 Pentium II 
(Klamath) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I've got the distcc package (1.1-1) installed, will try upgrading to the 
1.2.3-1 package, and if that doesn't help, compile my own. The inetd package 
is netkit-inetd (0.10-9).

I'll send you the strace in a separate message. Upgrading might cause the 
hickup to disappear for all the wrong reasons, after all :-)


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