[distcc] ERROR: mismatch on token DONE

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Apr 3 01:45:01 GMT 2003

On  2 Apr 2003, Enno Rehling <ennor at funcom.com> wrote:
> Here's my problem:

Thanks for reporting this.  I don't think this is a know problem.  I
need a bit more information to isolate it.

1.1 is a bit old.  Would you mind please upgrading to 2.0.1 and seeing
if it is still reproducible?

> distcc[14362] (dcc_x_token_int) send DOTI0000a83d
> distcc[14362] (dcc_send_job) client finished sending request to server
> distcc[14362] (dcc_r_token_int) ERROR: mismatch on token DONE
> distcc[14362] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to distribute to 
> "xena", running locally instead
> I'm getting messages like this, and haven't found anything in the archives 
> about them. On the machine that did the build, what I see is messages like 
> this:
> distccd[12667] (dcc_inetd_server) inetd server started (version 1.1, built 
> Feb  5 2003 10:30:19)
> distccd[12667] (dcc_check_client) connection from
> distccd[12667] (dcc_r_argv) got arguments: g++ -c -o dataque.o -Wall -O 
> dataque.cpp
> distccd[12667] compile from dataque.cpp to dataque.o
> distccd[12667] (dcc_accept_job) input file dataque.cpp, output file 
> dataque.o
> distccd[12667] (dcc_r_file) received 233288 bytes to file 
> /tmp/distcc_00000066/server_0000012667.ii
> distccd[12667] (dcc_pump_sendfile) Notice: sendfile: partial transmission 
> of 12972 bytes; retrying 13996 @12972
> distccd[12667] (dcc_pump_sendfile) ERROR: sendfile failed: Broken pipe

So it looks like either the client has got upset and dropped the
connection, or the connection closed for some other reason.

It looks like you're running distccd from inetd.  Which inetd is it?

> distccd[12667] (dcc_report_rusage) g++ resource usage: 4.750000s user, 
> 0.100000s system
> distccd[12667] g++ on xena completed ok
> distccd[12667] (dcc_accept_job) complete; output file: 26968 bytes
> distccd[12667] (dcc_exit) exit: code -1; self: 0.20000 user 0.20000 sys; 
> children: 4.750000 user 0.100000 sys
> I have two machines (conan and xena), and it doesn't seem to matter which 
> one I start the compilation on, it will always only compile locally. The 
> frustrating bit is: This worked just yesterday. Then I did an upgrade of 
> the two debian boxes, and that might be when it got broken - as of today, 
> distcc doesn't work anymore :-(

Are you running Debian unstable?  What processor and kernel do you

If upgrading does not fix it and you can reproduce the problem could
you perhaps try getting an strace of the client?


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