[distcc] WHOOOLLLAAA!!!

Tom Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Thu Mar 27 05:37:28 GMT 2003

I would be willing to throw some weight into that project.  I have held off
for the same reason (how).

Its the biggest complaint I hear from my coworker.  "But how can I know it
distributing?"  Reminds me of a saying about gift horses.

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From: Jasper V. Ferrer
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Subject: [distcc] WHOOOLLLAAA!!!

martin thank u very much, distcc is now working fine with the masquerade
dir.  also as far as i know distcc doesnt have a monitor program ala
tbmonitor, it would be nice to have one.  im not an expert programmer
but i
am up to the challenge of creating one (qt-based) if you have time to
me understand how distccd works.

many thanks to u and more power to the distcc team.

(hmm... now where should i throw this copy of teambuilder...)

Martin Pool wrote:

> On 27 Mar 2003, "Jasper V. Ferrer" <japee at users.sourceforge.net>
>> i guess your other post have cleared things up, im now downloading
>> and will apply the appropriate patch.
> Can you please try this one instead?
>   http://distcc.samba.org/ftp/distcc/distcc-1.3cvs20030327.tar.bz2

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