[distcc] Libraries Missing Objects

Claes Wallin clawa570 at cyd.liu.se
Fri Mar 21 22:20:43 GMT 2003

> I'm having some trouble creating libraries, it seems some of my .o's 
> don't make it into their .a's. I think what's probably happening is that 
> a few machines are still chewing when ar is called to make the library. 
> If I re-run the make a few times, all of them eventually make it in.
> I'm guessing that I'm just doing something stupid in my Makefiles - I 
> already made the mistake of not using $(MAKE) in my rules. I read 
> through the parallel execution section of the gmake documentation and I 
> didn't really see any way to specify which commands should run in 
> parallel or how to synchronize stuff.

That's the thing with makefiles, you really don't specify what runs when,
you just specify what needs what to compile. See below.

> I took a look through the archive but I didn't see anything about 
> problems like this. Does anyone know of a common mistake that I might be 
> making? Can anyone suggest some source which creates .a's that is known 
> to work with distcc that I could use as an example?

If you specify a rule:

stuff.a: thing1.o thing2.o (etc.)   
	-rm -f $@
        ar r $@ $^

then stuff.a won't be created until all of thing1.o etc. are updated.


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