[distcc] Libraries Missing Objects

Jeff rustysawdust at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 20:22:43 GMT 2003

I'm just getting started with distcc, and so far I only have four 
machines on my farm, but wow what a difference! I was actually more 
shocked by how easy it was to get it all set up!

I'm having some trouble creating libraries, it seems some of my .o's 
don't make it into their .a's. I think what's probably happening is that 
a few machines are still chewing when ar is called to make the library. 
If I re-run the make a few times, all of them eventually make it in.

I'm guessing that I'm just doing something stupid in my Makefiles - I 
already made the mistake of not using $(MAKE) in my rules. I read 
through the parallel execution section of the gmake documentation and I 
didn't really see any way to specify which commands should run in 
parallel or how to synchronize stuff.

I took a look through the archive but I didn't see anything about 
problems like this. Does anyone know of a common mistake that I might be 
making? Can anyone suggest some source which creates .a's that is known 
to work with distcc that I could use as an example?



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