[distcc] distcc with cc1

Dara Hazeghi dhazeghi at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 15 06:44:28 GMT 2003


I read the earlier thread about using distcc with cc1.
My problem is similar. I have a _slow_ macos x box,
which I want to compile for. Unfortunately, there's no
way currently to build a cross assembler to macos x. I
can, however, build a cross cc1. I'd like to be able
to use this with distcc, to further speed up builds. I
saw from the other thread that modifying makefiles is
an option. But given that mozilla has hundreds of
makefiles, I'd really rather not have to resort to
that. So any suggestions. I certain don't like feature
creep, but an option to do this directly with distcc
would be very helpful. Any thoughts? Thanks,


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