[distcc] distcc 1.2.3 fragility?

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 5 05:09:48 GMT 2003

I was running distcc version 1.2.3 in a 3-system compile farm today
trying to compile the phoenix web browser, and it hung 3 times in a row.
The failure state involved the local distcc-process hanging on a read of
fd 8 while the remote distccd process notices a send problem, tries a
resend, and then gives up, closing the socket.  The distcc process
doesn't seem to notice this and doesn't ever seem to give up (at least
not within the 20-30 minutes or so it took me to notice each hang).
Anyone else encountering this problem?  I can look around at the log
files to provide more info if needed, but I'm curious how 1.2.3 is
performing for other folks.

My setup is Gentoo linux with gcc 3.2.2 running on 3 Pentium III
systems.  The primary system has two processors, the distccd systems
each have one.  In versions past I had compiled phoenix, kde, xfree86,
etc. without a single hang, so this is kinda strange.  Of course, that
was using gcc 3.2.1, so there are other factors besides just a change
in distcc that might be affecting things.


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