[distcc] distcc 1.2.3 released

Tom Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Mon Mar 3 06:11:59 GMT 2003

Rock on!  I don't see any errors, nice work.  I've only tried with two
hosts, but our sys admin has some scripts he had cooked up for Teambuilder,
so I'll get a better idea of how its working tomorrow.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason I should expect major difficulties in
trying to port this to native windows with Intel's compiler?  

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> Subject: [distcc] distcc 1.2.3 released
> Thankyou to everybody who sent bug reports or patches.
> This release should fix "access denied" and other problems seen on
> Cygwin and HP-UX.  I'd particularly like to hear from anyone who can
> test on non-Linux platforms.
> If this goes well I would like to put SSH and masquerading support
> into the next release.
>   http://distcc.samba.org/ftp/distcc/?M=D
> distcc-1.2.3  "stubborn tiny lights"  2003-03-02
> * Don't use ':' in lock filenames, because that's a bit too 
> tough for Windows.
>   This only affects Cygwin clients, not servers.  Pointed out 
> by Heiko Elger.
> * Check existence of ctype.h.  Fixes warnings when building popt.
>   Pointed out by Tom Matelich.
> * Fix "access denied" errors on lock files on HP-UX and 
> Cygwin, so clients on
>   those platforms should work.  Reported by Tom Matelich, 
> Heiko Elger and
>   others.
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> Martin
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