[distcc] Cygwin Status

Paul_Donovan at scee.net Paul_Donovan at scee.net
Tue Feb 25 10:36:45 GMT 2003

> Heiko Elger wrote:
>I tried the version 1.21. There are compile problem cause of missing
>in cygwin header files.
>But its already known and so you can patch the headerfile (

You beat me to it by about 5 minutes :-)

I had another compilation problem under Cygwin - VA_COPY doesn't seem to be
defined in any of the system include files that I have, only va_copy and

src/snprintf.c defines its own VA_COPY, but only if

#if defined(HAVE_SNPRINTF) && defined(HAVE_VSNPRINTF) &&

(line84) doesn't evaluate to true, which it does on my system. I fixed this
by copying the lines that define VA_COPY in src/snprintf.c into the section
that is conditionally compiled by line 84.

Sorry it that's a bit vague - I don't know how to use diff, and I can't
access the cvs server from work to check the latest code. I'd appreciate
info on how to create patches using diff.

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