[distcc] Cygwin Status

darryl developer at csrules.dyndns.org
Mon Feb 24 01:50:52 GMT 2003

Here's a little overview of how i built the cross-complier(s)



I use 3 cygwin based distcc machines for linux build targets.
It's a pain to build a cross-compiler but once you build
one you just kinda can follow the routine for the other


> Hey!
> I'm just getting started on distcc and ccache, and so far (with an AMD
> 1GHz and one Celeron 300a) I'm really enthusiastic (especially on my
> Celeron). But a majority of machines on this network are Windows
> machines (2k/98), therefore I wonder what the general Cygwin/distcc
> status is.
> How reliable does it work at the moment? Scanning the mailing list and
> Changelog, there is some file locking issue which remains unresolved,
> how much does this affect distcc? Is it actually usable?
> Generally I'm looking at distcc to speed up Gentoo installs on my
> slower machines. I know there is a bootdisk around (unforunately one
> of the links to the images is down), but I cannot shut those machines
> down for more than a few hours really.
> mfg,
> Christian Rubbert

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