[distcc] Cygwin Status

Christian Rubbert distcc at rubbert.de
Sun Feb 23 11:25:41 GMT 2003

I'm just getting started on distcc and ccache, and so far (with an AMD 1GHz and one Celeron 300a) I'm really enthusiastic (especially on my Celeron). But a majority of machines on this network are Windows machines (2k/98), therefore I wonder what the general Cygwin/distcc status is.

How reliable does it work at the moment? Scanning the mailing list and Changelog, there is some file locking issue which remains unresolved, how much does this affect distcc? Is it actually usable?

Generally I'm looking at distcc to speed up Gentoo installs on my slower machines. I know there is a bootdisk around (unforunately one of the links to the images is down), but I cannot shut those machines down for more than a few hours really.

Christian Rubbert
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