[distcc] distcc #line pathnames patch

Marcus Gruendler Marcus.Gruendler at aixigo.de
Thu Feb 20 19:45:35 GMT 2003

Tim Janik wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Tim Janik wrote:
>>i'll use the patch on a daily basis now, and i've
>>put up an improved and cleaned up version at
>>  http://www.gtk.org/~timj/patches/
>>so others may give it a try.
> i've updated the patch to fix a bug regarding source code
> containing raw 0xff bytes, reported by Alexander JOLK.
> so people using it can upgrade to:
> distcc #line pathnames patch
> ----------------------------
> Available at:
> 	http://www.gtk.org/~timj/patches/distcc-line3.diff
> This patch against distcc alters #line directives to use only
> absolute pathnames. This fixes source file references in compiled
> object code, enabling gdb to correctly locate source files during
> debugging sessions.

On the other hand, this behaviour leads to the fact that ccache can not
cache the compilation when different users compile the same project in
their home directories. When the compilation actually would use only
relative pathnames, ccache could cache the compilation without any

But I suppose not all desirable things are possible in the world ;-)

> PS: i'm not subscribed to the distcc mailing, so please Cc: me if you
>     mean to reach me.
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