[distcc] distcc #line pathnames patch

Tim Janik timj at gtk.org
Thu Feb 20 19:40:26 GMT 2003

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Tim Janik wrote:

> i'll use the patch on a daily basis now, and i've
> put up an improved and cleaned up version at
>   http://www.gtk.org/~timj/patches/
> so others may give it a try.

i've updated the patch to fix a bug regarding source code
containing raw 0xff bytes, reported by Alexander JOLK.

so people using it can upgrade to:

distcc #line pathnames patch
Available at:
This patch against distcc alters #line directives to use only
absolute pathnames. This fixes source file references in compiled
object code, enabling gdb to correctly locate source files during
debugging sessions.

PS: i'm not subscribed to the distcc mailing, so please Cc: me if you
    mean to reach me.


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