[distcc] Cygwin problem/fix

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Feb 5 12:00:12 GMT 2003

On  5 Feb 2003, Helind <helind at hem.utfors.se> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use the distcc-1.1 release and when I run a compilation on my
> windows/cygwin system I encounter the following problem:
> The object files returned from distccd are broken due to the CR/LF-LF
> conversion made by the cygwin (text-mode) filesystem.

Thanks very much. 

It needs to also check for the possibility of O_BINARY not being
defined on Unix, but aside from that it's good.

I wonder if the output redirection in exec.c needs to set this mode as
well?  It's not clear to me.  If we're producing a .i file to send to
a Unix host, then I suppose we want it in Unix mode, but for a
compiler on the local machine perhaps not.

By the way, your patch was word-wrapped, but the very nifty
"unwrapdiff" from patchutils straightened it out.


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