[distcc] DocBook version of distcc manual

Frerich Raabe raabe at kde.org
Fri Jan 31 00:57:45 GMT 2003

On Fri, 01/31/03 at 11:45, Martin Pool wrote:
> On 31 Jan 2003, Frerich Raabe <raabe at kde.org> wrote:
> > 
> > Which tool did you use for validating? I use the xmllint program as shipped
> > with the libxml library (http://libxml.org), and neither the simple
> > test for well-formedness, nor using the SGML parser, nor validating the
> > document against the specified DTD triggered any warnings here.
> I tried running it through xmlto from Debian Sid,  which calls
> xmllint.

> The errors are


> Compilation finished at Fri Jan 31 11:43:32

Yes, I can reproduce those; nothing which one couldn't fix. Perhaps you can
drop me a note when you commit this to CVS so that we can fix it up?

- Frerich

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