[distcc] Re: distcc: script to run distcc like Teambuilder

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Aug 1 05:34:01 GMT 2002

On 23 Jul 2002, Dimitri PAPADOPOULOS-ORFANOS <papadopo at shfj.cea.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Some students are evaluating Teambuilder and distcc here.
> They believe Teambuilder is easier to use because you don't
> need to change makefiles. They've written this script. It is
> called distcc.sh and shows how to achieve the same effect with
> distcc. Just
> 	ln -s distcc.sh c++
> where c++ is the name of the compiler/program you want to run
> in a distributed way and distcc is... distcc. Put the c++ link
> in you path, in front of the c++ compiler program.

Yes, that approach works pretty well.  I'll put your script into the
contrib/ directory.

I would like to make that a built-in function in the future to avoid
the overhead of running a shell script.


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