[distcc] 0.5rc2

Claes Wallin clawa570 at cyd.liu.se
Fri Jun 28 01:13:06 GMT 2002

Actually, the first patch worked like a charm. But this one works just as well. ;-)

Now there's only two silly little things below perfection left in pyunit:

1. My machine is i386-unknown-freebsd4.4, which would need a [.\w-] instead of just [.\w-] in the version test.
2. My gcc-2.95.3 actually says "syntax error", not "parse error" on the SyntaxError test.

Still, distcc works great for me (my linux and BSD boxes are each running three compilers - for linux, freebsd and mingw), and I'm looking forward to seeing what further pipelining will do to performance.

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