[distcc] 0.5rc2

Claes Wallin clawa570 at cyd.liu.se
Thu Jun 27 23:27:01 GMT 2002

On my FreeBSD box, 0.5rc2 works fine from inetd (gmake check works nicely if i remove the lines starting/stopping the daemon), however it always fails when running as a standalone server (some extra debug code added):

distccd[23176] (dcc_spawn_child) entered
distccd[23176] (dcc_spawn_child) forking to execute gcc -c /tmp/distcc_1000/server_0023176.i -o /tmp/distcc_1000/server_0023176.out
distccd[23176] (dcc_spawn_child) child started as pid23178
distccd[23176] (dcc_r_fd) receive 5600 bytes DOTI file
distccd[23176] (dcc_pump_readwrite) successfully read 5600 bytes
distccd[23176] (dcc_pump_readwrite) successfully wrote 5600 bytes
distccd[23176] (dcc_r_file) done with pipe /tmp/distcc_1000/server_0023176.i
distccd[23176] ERROR: (dcc_wait_child) waitpid borked: Interrupted system call
distccd[23176] ERROR: (dcc_critique_status) compile on arlington.h20.ryd.student.liu.se died with signal 28 (core dumped)
distccd[23176] input file: 5600 bytes; output file: 0 bytes

> died with signal 28

Sometimes it's 104, quite a few times it's been 59. Any ideas? What does this signal mean, anyway?


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