[cifs-protocol] [REG:119102421000015] MS-ADTS dirsync and extended-dn interactions

Edgar Olougouna edgaro at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 24 00:52:18 UTC 2019

Thanks for looking further into this and reaching out. Based on your experimentation, does it mean that one control implies the other, meaning it's only one control effectively? Or are you observing that one supersedes the other? Is this a version specific or functional-level specific behavior?
I'll review this and follow-up.

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Subject: [REG:119102421000015] MS-ADTS dirsync and extended-dn interactions

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your Active Directory question. We have created SR 119102421000015 to track this issue. One of our engineers will respond soon to assist.

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Subject: MS-ADTS dirsync and extended-dn interactions


Per a call with Edgar and Brian today.

While looking at a Samba fix for our Samba AD DC being contacted by Microsoft Azure, I notied that the interaction that is fixed by this Samba bug isn't clearly documented:


That is, while MS-ATDS specified both of these controls and while LDAP_SERVER_DIRSYNC_OID implies LDAP_SERVER_EXTENDED_DN_OID (not that I coudl find that documented in a brief serch), the inteaction is not ccalled out.

That is, as I understand it from the patch, during dirsync if LDAP_SERVER_EXTENDED_DN_OID is specified explicitly, then the returned data format (0 - the default, or 1) comes from that control.

It would be good if this was made clearer.


Andrew Bartlett

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