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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your Active Directory question. We have created SR 119102421000015 to track this issue. One of our engineers will respond soon to assist. 

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Subject: MS-ADTS dirsync and extended-dn interactions


Per a call with Edgar and Brian today.

While looking at a Samba fix for our Samba AD DC being contacted by Microsoft Azure, I notied that the interaction that is fixed by this Samba bug isn't clearly documented:


That is, while MS-ATDS specified both of these controls and while LDAP_SERVER_DIRSYNC_OID implies LDAP_SERVER_EXTENDED_DN_OID (not that I coudl find that documented in a brief serch), the inteaction is not ccalled out.

That is, as I understand it from the patch, during dirsync if LDAP_SERVER_EXTENDED_DN_OID is specified explicitly, then the returned data format (0 - the default, or 1) comes from that control.

It would be good if this was made clearer.


Andrew Bartlett

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