[cifs-protocol] 119111524002315 Create Context SMB2_CREATE_QUERY_ON_DISK_ID payload

Aurélien Aptel aaptel at suse.com
Mon Nov 25 16:33:46 UTC 2019

Obaid Farooqi <obaidf at microsoft.com> writes:
> Please let me know if it does not answer your question.

I think it does, partially.

Steve forwarded me a response he got from a previous dochelp ticket:

> [MS-SMB2] Explicitly states that the two IDs you're referring to must be
> the same:
> Handling the SMB2_CREATE_QUERY_ON_DISK_ID Create Context
> The server MUST set the DiskFileId by querying the underlying object store
> in an implementation-specific manner. The DiskFileId value MUST be the same
> as the value returned in an SMB2 QUERY_INFO response to an SMB2 QUERY_INFO
> request with the FileInformationClass field set to the
> FileInternalInformation value, as specified in section The
> DiskFileId value SHOULD uniquely identify the file among all other files
> sharing the same VolumeId value on the server.

Which gives me a more complete picture.

I have a case of a (non-Windows) server where
SMB2_CREATE_QUERY_ON_DISK_ID response is different than the FileId from
FileInternalInformation. So I guess that's a server bug from the vendor.

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