[cifs-protocol] [MS-SAMR] SamrSetInformationUser2 over an authenticated DCERPC connection [119040819792364]

Obaid Farooqi obaidf at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 10 19:48:42 UTC 2019

Hi Andreas:
I am not aware of this 50 MB limit. I'll investigate what's going on. Only a week ago or so a customer sent me a trace which was 800 MB and that is the zipped size. The uncompressed size was 3+ GB. 

I was able to download and open the trace. I am looking into it and will be in touch as soon as I have an answer.

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On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 6:46:46 PM CEST Obaid Farooqi wrote:
> Hi Andreas:

Hi Obaid,

> Looks like 02_systemLibraryDTC...zip did not upload properly.
> Can you please rename this file and try uploading again?

it took me a while to find out that the file drop has a 50MB file limit. So I've split it in two files and used tar.xz which has a better compression rate than zip so the files are under 50MB.

It finally uploaded, I hope you can extract it. If not I could upload 7z files which should also have a better compression.

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