[cifs-protocol] MS-ADTS 6.2 - Knowledge consistency checker

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Apr 15 22:25:17 MDT 2015


In attempting to implement the inter-site topology generation algorithm, 
it appears that cases around RODC are lacking clarity in the documentation.

For instance described in - Site Graph Concepts, essentially 
Red describes sites with writable replicas, Black describes sites with 
only partial read-only and White with neither writable nor partial 
read-only replicas. But there is no mention of full read-only replicas.

The only assumption that could be made here is that they are white, 
however, there are two problems:

1. In - Site Graph Construction under ColorVertices, Red 
describes sites with one or more DCs with full replicas - not writable. 
This would make full read-only replica Red.

2. Being marked as White, during intersite topology generation, sites 
with only an RODC do not appear in the spanning-tree computation. 
Therefore, they will never create any connections.

Being marked as Red however, there does not appear to be any 
restrictions in the graph construction on who may replicate from it 
(like a Black node for instance). Is there something here I am 

What color is a site containing only an RODC intended to be? And are 
there any additional undocumented special cases for RODC?


Garming Sam

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