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Tue Oct 29 14:05:25 MDT 2013

Hi Volker,

Looking into the script, it seems like the reason for that message is that an "off" switch is being used before an "on" switch.

The command is simply:

t.cmd[leave one space]srvon

It is working on my end... maybe you can try it again and if it does not work, try it on a different machine?



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On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 07:10:05PM +0000, Sebastian Canevari wrote:
> Hi Volker,
> I need you to please run the t.cmd file that I am attaching (rename t.txt to t.cmd) so I can collect some ETW traces from the server 2012.
> 1.	Rename the attached file as t.cmd
> 2.	Save it to a folder in your server
> 3.	Start a  network capture
> 4.	Open a command prompt with administrator privileges
> 5.	Get to the t.cmd folder and type: t.cmd srvon
> 6.	Reproduce the issue
> 7.	Type t.cmd srvoff
> 8.	Stop the network capture
> Please send me the cab file and the new network capture (I know it will look very similar to the one I have but the new timestamps are gonna be very useful).

"t.cmd srvon" gives:

ERROR: no tracing session in progress

 Enabling Tracing:
     usage: t [clion] [srvon] [core] [verbose] [capture] [csv] [cluster] [hyperv] [circ:N] [driver:flags:level]
     clion   - generate client component traces
     srvon   - generate server component traces
     capture - enable packet capture (Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 or newer)

         At least one of cli, srv, and capture must
         be specified.

     csv     - generate CSV component traces
     cluster - collect Cluster event logs
     hyperv  - collect Hyper-V event logs
     verbose - verbose mode tracing flags (defined for fskm/mup)
     circ:N  - generate circular logs of size N megabytes
               (default circular buffer size is 50 MB per log)
     driver:flags:level - specify trace flags and level for this driver (support rdbss, mrxsmb, smb20 only)
                          flags and level must be in hex
         rdbss:  0x0001 error     0x0002 misc     0x0004 io        0x0008 openclose
                 0x0010 readwrite 0x0020 fileinfo 0x0040 oplock    0x0080 connectionobject
                 0x0100 fcb       0x0200 caching  0x0400 migration 0x0800 namecache
                 0x1000 security
         mrxsmb: 0x0001 error     0x0002 misc        0x0004 network          0x0008 security
                 0x0010 exchange  0x0020 compounding 0x0040 connectionobject 0x0080 midwindow
                 0x0100 multichannel
         smb20:  0x0001 error    0x0002 misc   0x0004 network 0x0008 security
                 0x0010 exchange 0x0020 io     0x0040 handle  0x0080 infocache
                 0x0100 dircache 0x0200 oplock
         level:  0x1 error 0x2 brief 0x4 verbose  Disabling Tracing:
 usage: t off [nocab] [nobin]
     off     - turn off tracing
     nocab   - do not compress traces
     nobin   - do not gather system binaries matching the captured traces
               (please do not use if external to FSF/without direction)

 Disabling/Enabling Tracing:
 usage: t snapshot [nocab] [nobin]

Anything I'm doing wrong?



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