[cifs-protocol] [RE:113120511001670] Has Password history check (N-2) gone away in 2012R2?

Tarun Chopra Tarun.Chopra at microsoft.com
Thu Dec 5 01:03:56 MST 2013

Hello Andrew :

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Support. We have a created a case to track your inquiry and a support engineer will be in touch to assist further.


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I've been updating our rpc.samr.passwords.badpwdcount test.

My servers were both installed from scratch, with defaults etc.  Of course, or own tests or even policies may have changed things - we do try and set up password history in our tests however. 

What I've noticed is that the 'Password history check (N-2)' check described here, doesn't seem to work any more:

Before I dig further, can you confirm it is expected to remain a feature?


Andrew Bartlett

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