[cifs-protocol] [REG:112080864018345] SMB3 encryption over multiple requests

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Aug 22 08:18:48 MDT 2012

Hi Edgar,

thanks for the answers, I have some more questions inline.

> What about async responses with STATUS_PENDING, are they also encrypted?
> [Answer] 
> Yes. The exceptions that are not encrypted are SMB2 NEGOTIATE, SMB2 SESSION_SETUP or SMB2 TREE_CONNECT as documented in   Encrypting the Message,   Encrypting the Message.

Windows doesn't complain if the client encrypt SESSION_SETUP (for
reauth/or channel bind) and TREE_CONNECTS.

> How does it work, when the last request in a compound chain goes async?
> [Answer]
> There is no change of processing rules for the encryption due to the last request in a compounded chain going async. 
> Are Oplock/Lease Break Notifications encrypted?
> [Answer] Yes, see previous answer and references.

For Oplocks the server known the session from the file_id,
but what session is used for leases?

To my understanding a lease key can be shared between sessions, is that


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