[cifs-protocol] Question about MS DNS behavior regarding DNS packets containing multiple questions

Tom Jebo tomjebo at microsoft.com
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Hi Kai,

Thanks for this question about FORMERROR and Microsoft DNS server not following RFC 1035.   One of the Open Specifications team will contact you shortly to assist. 

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Subject: Question about MS DNS behavior regarding DNS packets containing multiple questions

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Hi folks,

I've stumbled over the MS DNS server not quite following the behavior described in RFC 1035 with regards to the number of questions it will allow in the question section.

RFC 1035 states:

4.1.2. Question section format

The question section is used to carry the "question" in most queries, i.e., the parameters that define what is being asked.  The section contains QDCOUNT (usually 1) entries, each of the following format [...]

However, the Microsoft DNS server seems to give back a FORMERROR error code if I specify more than one question. Can I get clarification on where this behavior is documented?


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