[cifs-protocol] FRSRPC: questions about schedule

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Thu Sep 29 01:35:29 MDT 2011

Hello dochelp team,

In ms-frs1.pdf we have at paragraph " SYSVOL Connection 

SYSVOL connection between sites. SYSVOL replication is initiated 
between two inter-site
members at the start of the 15-minute interval, assuming the schedule is 
open. The connection
MUST be using a trigger schedule. When a triggering schedule is used, 
the upstream partner
ignores its schedule and responds to any request by the downstream 
partner. When the schedule
closes, the upstream partner unjoins the connection only after the 
current contents of the
outbound log, at the time of join, have been sent and acknowledged.

Given the fact that, from my understanding, FRS is pushed based, what's 
the implication of this ?
Because even if it's the downstream partner that is sending change 
notification it has to wait for the upstream to create a connection and 
once it's done it can start to send files.

Also the unjoin command is send by the one who created the connection 
that is to say the downstream partner, so how can the upstream partner 
"unjoin" the connection ?
Also can you clarify what's the meaning "when the schedule close" means 
exactly ? I understand that by default you have a schedule open every 15 
minutes, but for how long it is open ?



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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