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One of our teammates will follow-up on this issue. The case number is 111101553031054.


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Tridge and I out of curiosity looked up SystemLibraryDTC in the documentation, and couldn't find it.  For those unaware of the history here, this is the fixed-value key used for encryption of passwords and other sensitive data over RPC pipes, when RPC-level authentication is used (ie, not inherited named pipe authentication).  

(The exception is DRSUAPI, which uses the real session key from the authentication context).

Did our grep simply miss it, or did this never get documented?

Recent work we did with calls needing this key (CreateTrustedDomainEx2) returning NT_STATUS_NO_SESSION_KEY, which suggests a possible windows behaviour change. 

I hope what I've written above gives enough detail to start looking into the problem.  


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