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Hi Matthieu:
I looked in code as well as debugged it  and it is not obvious why the state be set to 6. Is it possible that the parser is not parsing the data correctly?
You can send me the whole packet that is sent by the Windows server and I'll hand parse it to see if that is the case or if you prefer, you can hand parse it yourself and let me know.
If it is possible for you to get a time travel trace of ntfrs.exe on the Windows Server that sent CMD_RECEIVING_STAGE, that would be great.
The file transfer space is ephemeral  so please let me know when you can send the traces and I'll set up a file transfer space for this and will send you the latest version of the Time travel trace installation binary.

Obaid Farooqi
Escalation Engineer | Microsoft

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Hello Obaid, 

> Hi Matthieu: 
> Can you please elaborate more on the following question? 
> "Can you tell me what is the use of the command's flag for the
upstream partner (the receiver of the file)." 
> The flags for CHANGE_ORDER_COMMAND are documented in section
Can you please be more specific? 
My question is this status information just informative, or should the upstream partner do some checks on it, and what about for the downstream partner. 

The fact it's stated that the downstream partner MUST set a particular value seems to indicate that checks are made on this attribute. 


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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