[cifs-protocol] FW: FW: Inconsistencies in ad-schema docs and text files SRX090109601490

Hongwei Sun hongweis at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 18 17:27:02 MST 2010

Andrew & Tridge,

   I finished reviewing the changes you made to the schema file in order to join Windows 2008R2 to Samba domain.   For the attributes affected,  from my initial review of MS-ADA*/MS-ADSC and code, they will probably result in many change requests to schema documentation.  We will make sure that any correction you made will be properly reflected in the documentation after confirmation from the product team.   We really appreciate the information you passed back to us, which is really valuable for us to improve schema documentation.  

   Looking back at the history of the request , the previous delivery of a single  schema text file  combined from the AD* documents is not intended as a permanent process of releasing and maintaining schemas in separate documents, rather a temporary solution to provide a good starting point to unblock your development.   But we did request the product team to evaluate the possibility  for them to create and maintain the separate schema files.   We will let you know when there is any update on this.   By the way,  there is an entry in our team blog site for how to relate schema to AD documentations (http://blogs.msdn.com/openspecification/archive/2009/06/26/using-the-windows-server-protocols-documentation-set-to-better-understand-the-active-directory-schema.aspx).



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On Mon, 2010-01-11 at 15:23 +0000, Hongwei Sun wrote:
> Andrew,
>   Most of the issues mentioned in your mail have been fixed in the latest released MS-ADSC or MS-ADA3.  The following is a summary.
>      The schema of Windows 2008 R2 we sent you in 04/24/2009 doesn't incorporate the above changes.  I will work on it.  We do have tools/scripts to create and validate the schema.

Is there a location where you continually post the text file version of the schema, or do we have to ask each time?

Also, have you addressed the issues tridge mentioned in his reply, and the adminDescription/adminDisplayName issue?

Andrew Bartlett

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